Autoturism: Bimonthly magazine
Publisher: Automobil Clubul Roman (The Romanian Automobile Club)
Continuous publication since 1969
Overall number of copies: over 25.5 million
Technical publishing conditions: polychrome, LVC paper, lacquered cover pages
Page dimensions: 210 x 297 mm,
Number of pages per issue: 44.
Circulation: 58,600 (in May 2000)
Delivery: 41,000 subscriptions for ACR members, as part of the fee for complete services member (circulation increasing by some 500 per month);
15,000 for the free market;
2,600 individual subscriptions at the editorial office and through postal offices.
Reader profile (according to ACR data bank) a) age groups; b) occupation; c) education
Age 18-24: 20%; employers: 25%; academic: 44%; Age 25-49: tradesmen: 10%; highschool: 41%; Age 59-70: 26%; workers: 41%; students: 7%; other: 5%: pensioners: 14%; pupils: 3%; students: 10%; other: 5%.
Average readers per copy: 2.7.
Reader portrait: Car owner, very mobile (more than 50% are car addicted), income surpassing the average salary in Romania.
Hobbies: weekends spent outside; travels abroad; attending motorcar competitions as spectators or contestants, members of different automobile clubs.
Passions: auto engineering; personal car maintenance; 36% think the car is a must in business. 25% favor car as home-job transportation means. 75% of readers are family-persons. 62.3% of readers maintain the car in an organized technical assistance system, through dealers, the net of ACR workshops or authorized service workshops.


We are honored to present you our advertisement offer for Autoturism, a magazine of great tradition, which during 32 years has been sold in over 25 million copies. Starting from January 1998, our magazine is primarily meant for ACR members who own a car and for their families who receive the publication at home, through postal service, as part of the annual fee. The average number of readers is estimated at over 100,000. At least a third of the copies are on offer on the free market all over the country.
As a very known illustrated magazine with a complete delivery in the territory and the greatest circulation among the magazines of the kind, we think our offer can be very interesting for you.
For additional information, please contact us at:
tel/fax 2243946
tel: 2240067 int. 1310